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UFO Sewing Project and another possible giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed

If you are looking for my SMS May Giveaway Day post check here.

UFO – That’s Unidentified Fabric Object. I was at the Knittn’ Kitten yesterday and saw on the vintage fabric table a couple of ziplock bags with a.dorable fabric scraps in them. The bags were labeled  as precut vintage. I didn’t think much about it other than it was $1 and I could make pockets out of it.

That is until I got home and really took a look at what I had.

This was the first piece that tipped me off that I may have bought more than just scraps. Upon further inspection and a little help from PZ, we pieced together the puzzle into something like this…

 As you can see there is a face piece and 2 back of the head pieces, a front and 2 back body pieces, 2 leg pieces that are cut on the fold, 2 front and back arm pieces (see the little finger nubs?). I’m not sure if its supposed to be a lamb or a rabbit, cat or dog. Who knows? Any guesses?

There is actually another almost complete set of these precut pieces. We’ve got everything but one of the arms. I have another scrap piece that one part of the lost arm could be cut from, but the back of the arm would need to be cut from another fabric. Or you could just have a 1 armed friend.

I’m already sending one package out with my SMS May Giveaway Day so sending one more wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re interested in the precut pieces leave me a comment and let me know what kind of animal you think it is and if you plan on using a different fabric for the arms or just making a 1 armed friend. If more than one person shows interest I’ll  A)  be surprised, and B) randomly pick a winner.

Happy Wednesday, folks! Its another rainy day here in Portland so we’re going to need it.

Knits and Necklaces

Phew! I finally made it through all the blogs on the SMS May Giveaway Day. If you have some time, or actually a LOT of time, and you’re feeling lucky you should definitely check it out! If you’re looking for MY giveaway, its right here.

Now I can get back to sewing and blogging and heck!, even parenting. When the SMS Giveaway Days happen, I kind of shut down. Anyway! I’ve been trying some new stuff around here. I’ve got the new serger now, and finally sat down and pulled out some of my vintage knits to play around with. Here is what I made in approximately 15 minutes.

"cute" pose

"crazy" pose

If you look closely, you can see the necklace that PZ made all by herself. I actually think its pretty awesome and a really cool way to get your kiddos thinking in patterns.

PZ's necklace

We worked for about 2 hours on necklaces on Sunday. I pulled out all my old beads and jewelry making supplies. It was kind of neat to see all the old stuff. This was something new for the girls. We’ve made felt jewelry, but this is the first bead work we’ve done. We all got frustrated many times, beads rolling off the elastic string, Quinby choosing to toss more than floss. But we got through it and both girls are very proud of their work and so am I.

Here’s a last picture of the knit dress. I wanted to show a close up of it so you could see the cute vintage fabric. It’s blue alligators at the beach! This was another Knittn’ Kitten find from awhile ago.

Vintage Shopping Healed Me!

Not really. I actually still feel like at least 4 of the seven dwarfs, but shopping at two of my favorite thrifty spots certainly made me Happy. Hey! Happy makes five!

First off, the girls and I ventured out to the Knittn’ Kitten, Portland’s own vintage fabric store. It doesn’t get much better than this. While they played hide and seek with the enormous stuffed rabbit in the front entrance, I perked up out of my Dayquil haze long enough to spot some killer vintage lace and sequined “fancy” fabrics. I want to try to make some princess/fairy dresses reminiscent of this. If you are looking for a good tutorial for dress up skirts and want to help out a good cause, check this out.

I also found this super cute apron which I want to turn into a purse, a ribbon that would make a great guitar strap, some funky yellow and black zebra print for who knows what and a cute dress pattern that fits up to size 20! Love the vintage plus size patterns and I’m determined to do more pattern sewing in the future.

I got some great vintage cottons (the one on the bottom right is seersucker). I’m loving the turtles!

And these two terrific fat quarters for $1 each. Next I packed the girls up and we drove a little further on NE Glisan to stop at the Dollar Book store.  I picked up 27 books for $30. What a steal! And they’re all in great condition. These are just a few of the ones we got.

At least now I’ve got something to read and daydream about while I’m lying around covered in wet tissues. Fingers crossed that tomorrow I feel better!

Day 2

Day 2 of the elsie marley‘s kids clothes work challenge produced big girl bloomers!


There were no jumpsuits in sight, but I’ll keep trying and hopefully by the end of the week have at least one pair made. I worked about 2 1/2 hours today with a lot of stops and starts to hang out with PZ (I sew during Q’s nap). She asked me a few weeks ago, why they didn’t make bloomers in her size (4-5). Voila!

This red polka dot fabric is a Sevenberry remnant that I picked up at Fashion Depot at 50% off a reduced rate on almost a yard. The black and white striped is a vintage remnant that I got at the Knittn’ Kitten. I’m hoping to make a shirt out of this Michael Miller High As A Kite fabric tomorrow to go with it.

Show Some Love Portlanders!

Knittn’ Kitten, located at 7530 N.E. Glisan St., is one of those great little shops that nobody knows about, but everybody should. A thrift fabric/craft store that always has what I need and cool stuff I didn’t even know I wanted. Vintage fabrics galore and great prices, definitely one of my favorite spots in town. So when I heard from Sister Diane and Lee that the Kitten was having troubles I jetted right over and took one for the team. Ha! Spending money is never a hardship at the Kitten. 

Times are hard for everyone, but Knittn’ Kitten apparently had a ROUGH August. Let’s make sure they have a great September and the rest of the year. You know with Halloween and Christmas coming up you’re going to need quality, low priced crafts and fabrics. Do your part Portlanders and show the Kitten some love!

Check out my latest acquisitions:

knittenkitten1 Continue reading

Friday Fabric Show – Showing off my knittn kitten booty while I bake

I am approximately eighteen minutes from being royally disappointed or tickled pink. It all depends on how the birthday cake I’m currently baking for Q comes out. I’m very excited about this cake. It is my first time baking a pink lady cake and I just know it is either going to be a new favorite or a complete disaster. Such is my luck with baking.

Well, while I wait, instead of sitting here playing the will it or won’t it be good game, I’ve decided to show off some of my fabric finds from my Wednesday sojourn to Knittn Kitten. I went in search of flannel for the Craft Hope blankets I’m planning on making and ended up also getting some really great tee shirt fabric and waffle knit (not shown because while I got a lot of it, it was just white and that would be boring) which are what I have used for my own girls’ swaddle blankets. Lots of good stretch! I, of course, also found some fun cotton prints that I just needed to have for my stash and some doodads I couldn’t live without.

klopman miller vintage fabric



red flowersgreen flowers




alligators at the beach and icecreams on tee shirt fabric

Inspiration Wednesday – Jane Foster

If you like 60’s fabrics and Scandinavian design you’re going to love Jane Foster. I do! I recently discovered her blog and now I can’t stop staring at it. Such great colors and fabrics, trinkets and doodads. Jane’s an artist who does just wonderful silk screen printing and is currently designing for the relaunched Clothkits.


She actually inspired a random purchase I made today while shopping at the Knittn Kitten. (I LOVE that place!) While Rome was ringing me up for all my great fabrics(yards and yards of great stuff for only $34!!) I spied this little lovely perched on a shelf. She just flew right into my bag. I’m going to keep ribbon in her.