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All it takes for me to make something is to say I’m not going to…

So I said to my friend Yancey today, ” I’ve decided not to do ANYTHING productive until school starts.” I then proceeded to go home and make these two skirts. Yep. After days of going into my studio looking at fabrics, searching through patterns, drawing up sketches, etc., I just went in, grabbed some fabric from off the floor, and knocked these two guys out in less than an hour.

The fabrics are all vintage pieces I’ve gotten from Knitt’n Kitten over the past few months. The main fabric is a quilted cotton, I’m guessing from the 80’s, with little flowers on one side and big ones on the other. The plaid feels almost like a calico and the pattern looks like 60’s to me.

Quinby’s is the big flower side of the quilted cotton and a red and white striped flannel. I may go back and add pockets to the skirts. Not sure yet. I like that these were all super cheap vintage fabrics. Both skirts all together probably cost me $2 to make. Not a bad way to spend an unexpectedly warm afternoon.