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Lovely and Clever

These are two VERY cool ideas. If I can get my stuff together I’m totally going to attempt both of them. When I do the merit badges, I’m thinking I might incorporate  a summer journal idea I’ve been batting around.

The Crafting Chicks’ Summer Skill-Builder Merit Badges

Mom Bucks by BlueBird

The Mom Bucks idea is brilliant! I like the commenter’s suggestion to put the kid’s picture on the bill, too. We’ve got a sticker chart going right now, (like our 5th one). It gets enthusiasm up for a day or two and then it is quickly forgotten. I’m hoping the Mom Bucks might solve that issue.

What ideas do you have for getting your kiddos to start taking some initiative in their household responsibilities and for keeping the “I’m bored, Mom” ‘s down to a minimum? Just in case you missed it, check out my popsicle boredom buster idea previously posted here.