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Q’s Doll and Ball

Stitched In Time nutcracker doll

I finished Q’s birthday doll over the weekend, but am waiting to give it to her until her party on Saturday. Simone was a HUGE help with the hair (thanks Simone!) and I took a cue from Orangeflower and put in an elastic waist for the skirt. I could not figure out Alicia‘s instructions on that at all. Ha! Oh well! I think she still came out pretty cute even if her head is more than a little smooshed.

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Remember Your First? Well You Will Now ‘Cause You’ve Won!

Congratulations Stephanie from MooBear Designs! She and her family made a terrific kid’s quilt by upcycling clothes from the whole family and then drawing some of the kid’s favorite things on the back with marker. Rar! The T-Rex is super-cute. What a fun idea.

I’ll be sending a care package full of scraps and stash and who know what else all the way to Australia. Am I the only one who still gets a thrill whenever I send or receive International mail?

Reading Between the Lines – Inspiration Wednesday with More Reader’s Blogs

We all search the internet for inspiration from time to time. Most of us probably search daily, but how many of us stop to acknowledge our own ability to inspire. I started this Handmade Experiment back in January and have shared my experiences both online and with my friends and family from the very beginning. What a joy it has been finding out that just by sitting down and sewing a tutu for a little girl’s birthday or figuring out a pattern for a pair of kid’s pants I can inspire others to make something of their own!

You all have given me such encouragement and support to keep up with my commitment to handmade. This week I’m turning it around and lending my support to YOUR endeavors. Thank you for reading and commenting, for sending in pictures and sharing your own inspirations with me.

Here are some more crafty, creative blogs from some of my readers. Everyone of them is an inspiration.


A Bookish Life – Keri quilts, makes clothes for an adorable little girl, writes book reviews, and much, much more.

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