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Naughty Knit or My First Refashion for the Month

I don’t sew with knits. I have a walking foot that I bought awhile ago so I could start sewing knits, but I can’t figure out how to attach it properly to my machine. In truth, I’m not even sure I bought the right one for my machine! Anyhoo, enough of my absurdity. I didn’t even use the aforementioned walking foot on this project. Just jumped right in and made a mess of things.

I saw this little tutorial over at Make It and Love it (Ashley always has such great tutorials and ideas. I’m a follower. ), on the same day that I just happened to buy a “boring” orange tee shirt for PZ at the resale shop. After sitting on it for a few months, I finally dragged the shirt out of my HUGE repurpose pile on Wednesday night and set to work. I tried sewing the skirt onto the knit shirt 3 times and this is the best I could get. My fix is the ribbon belt also a repurposed item. It once was a bow on a present many moons ago.

Not my best work, but I still think its pretty cute. Orange and stripes and hearts – what’s not to love?!? I hadn’t sewn anything since getting back from Hawaii and it was nice to work in my newly cleaned studio. That is until I got to the naughty knit part. Anyone out there with help on the walking foot front I’d love to hear from you! Otherwise I think I’m headed back to the store next week to get some advice.