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Getting Crafty – Starting 2012 Off Right

Today I had the fun experience of meeting one of my readers AND crafting with her! Deb of Bee’s Nest invited me over to her house for a New Year’s Day crafty get together. I had a lot of fun meeting Deb, her handsome dogs, and her friends Stacy and artist Rachel Austin.

Rachel was nice enough to bring over some old maps she had and we all tried our hand at a little box¬†origami. I’d never really done much origami and I thought this was really cool, especially blowing the boxes up. It was a great idea Deb and thanks so much for the invite! Next time let’s use that hot glue gun!!

Before we got started on the origami garlands, I got the chance to finish an embroidery hoop art piece I actually started LAST January. Embarrassing, but at least I’ve finished it now!

When I got home I was floored to find that my family had been busy making this little fella. His name is “For Chore” and he was built to do all the girl’s chores for them. I’m hoping he’ll do mine, too!!

Sunday’s Scribbles

I’m going to attempt a drawing every Sunday. We’ll see how it goes. I saw this little froggy guy in a vintage origami book. The likeness isn’t too bad, if I do say so myself. Hope everyone had a good weekend!