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Catch Up 1

My computer is fixed! Yay!! But now I have so much catching up to do. Boo! 

First let’s start with Q’s first birthday back in the beginning of July. Whew! So long ago. Did you guys hear we’ve been in a heat wave! It was 107 degrees here early in the week. Ack! Anyway, I told you all about the gifts PZ and I made for her here, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to show you the ball or all the other fun stuff I made! 

The party was a lot of fun, btw. Thanks everyone who was able to attend! We had a pot luck picnic lunch at a local park and the older kids got to run around like goof balls and hang out by the duck pond and such. Good times! 



pink lady cake - recipe from Smitten Kitchen


Quinby's Queen Bee birthday crown

Quinby's Queen Bee birthday crown


Q's birthday banner - kept plain so we can reuse it. Thrifty Mama!

Q's birthday banner - kept plain so we can reuse it. Thrifty Mama!


PZ giving Q the ball we made for her.

PZ giving Q the ball we made for her.

I also wanted to show the blankets I made for Craft Hope. The deadline ended on the 25th, which was coincidently MY birthday. Whoo Hoo! I spent the day hosting a yard sale in 105 degree heat. Yay! But all kidding aside, it was a wonderful day. Full of fresh flowers, yummy pastries, and special good wishes from all my friends. I got showered in rose petals by an adorable three year old boy, for goodness sakes! Thirty-three must be the year I become a goddess. 


Craft Hope elephant blanket.

made from vintage cotton and an up-cycled Urban Outfitters curtain





two vintage cottons and the lion (and above elephant) are cut from Michael Miller's Jungle Box fabric.

Must Make Monday – Anyone Hungry for Dessert?

Doing something a little bit different this week. We’re talking about food! I frequent a few foodie blogs and have actually been trying some of the recipes featured and thought I’d share the ones I’ve tried and enjoyed. Lots of desserts here since I’ve had a few birthdays to make cakes for.


Smitten Kitchen’s Strawberry Rhubarb Pie was my first pie ever. I made it in June after we picked fresh strawberries at Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island. I subbed whole wheat pastry flour for white, but other than that I followed it word for word. It was scrumptious!

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Friday Fabric Show – Showing off my knittn kitten booty while I bake

I am approximately eighteen minutes from being royally disappointed or tickled pink. It all depends on how the birthday cake I’m currently baking for Q comes out. I’m very excited about this cake. It is my first time baking a pink lady cake and I just know it is either going to be a new favorite or a complete disaster. Such is my luck with baking.

Well, while I wait, instead of sitting here playing the will it or won’t it be good game, I’ve decided to show off some of my fabric finds from my Wednesday sojourn to Knittn Kitten. I went in search of flannel for the Craft Hope blankets I’m planning on making and ended up also getting some really great tee shirt fabric and waffle knit (not shown because while I got a lot of it, it was just white and that would be boring) which are what I have used for my own girls’ swaddle blankets. Lots of good stretch! I, of course, also found some fun cotton prints that I just needed to have for my stash and some doodads I couldn’t live without.

klopman miller vintage fabric



red flowersgreen flowers




alligators at the beach and icecreams on tee shirt fabric