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Circus Romper

Did you know that this week is Children’s Book Week? I thought this would be a great week to do some of the kid’s book inspired sewing I’ve been planning. One of my girls’ favorite picture books is the Curious George First Words at the Circus book, by H.A.Rey.

Although the girls’ first circus a few weeks ago turned into the Greatest “watch that poor elephant carry all of Portland” Show on Earth, we all still love the idea of the circus. When I found this great circus themed fabric, Everything But the Kitchen Sink by RJR Fabrics, I knew I’d be making something fun for sure!


The Circus Romper! Watch as she risks life and limb with these WILD animals for your entertainment!

The Tumbling Rhino…

A guerilla jumping through a hoop!

Not even the King of the Jungle himself is a match for our animal trainer!

As dazzling as she is daring, our circus romper dances…

she prances…

and NO elephants were hurt in the making of this production! Ta Da!

Wednesday Inspiration – Junk to Funk

Junk to Funk Trashion Collective started out in 2006 as an annual competition of wearable art and Avant-garde fashion created out of trash, produced in Portland, OR. Since then they have expanded their program to include youth summer camps, in school artists in residencies and after school programs as well as Trashion for Business, Trashion for Entertainment, and Trashion for individual commissions. Their overall mission is to inspire individuals towards responsible consumerism, creative re-use and conscientious disposal by providing unique fashion based entertainment and educational programs. See how you can get involved here.

Very cool! Here are a few of the designs from the 2008 Junk To Funk fashion show.

Hospital Gown Revised created by Elaine Jane Cole and Laura Fieselman, worn by Laura Fieselman is composed of 15 yards of “blue wrap,” or polypropylene woven material used to cover sterilized surgical instruments, many feet of blue latex wrap, 14 plastic disposable tweezers, plastic tubing from an irrigation pump and a disposable surgical clamp.

18th Century Fox created and worn by Amy Hyatt is constructed out of 1,128 dryer sheets collected from friends, family, and neighbors and a few dried centerpiece flowers.

Twilight Before the Fall created by Cory McMahon and worn by Liz Slint-Somerville was made using  recycled bike tire tubing for the bodice and used sewing patterns were layered to make the skirt.

Mistress of the Sea Weeds created and worn by Julie Yanko is made from crab pot ropes and buoys she cleaned off Oregon beaches.

Alotta Gelato – Alotta Trash created and worn by Emily Hyde was made entirely out of colorful gelato cups, spoons and sampling utensils.

Crown Royal Gown created by Colleen Miezejeski was made through the systematic dissection and reassembly of close to 500 crown royal bags.

Inspiration Wednesday – Embroidery

I haven’t done an Inspiration Wednesday in awhile, but embroidery is something that I always find fascinating. There are a few embroidery hoops on my shelves that I’m sure will get used this year. I hope these great artists inspire you to pick up a thread and needle or whatever creative tools you use in your artistic pursuits.

Cindy Steiler of marysgranddaughter does this awe inspiring piece Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze.

Laura Amiss’ City Living makes me happy every time I see it.

Megan Whitmarsh‘s Yeti is just out there. I can’t stop looking!

Rachel J Lieberman of DangerPeach’s Why I Oughta in 3D is so cool, like a Hitchcock film you can put on your wall.

Patti Roberts-Pizzuto of MissouriBendStudios’ Summer No 7 reminds me of a classic children’s book.

Takashi Iwasaki, all his work is fantastic and modern and completely different from other things I’ve seen.

Melissa Crowe of LittlePinkHouse’s Little City Hoop/Pirates of Love (Galleon) is lovely and a valentine I would be happy receiving. (Hubs?)

Portland local, Cate Anevski’s Facebroidery No 7 is such a splendid idea. I personally love painting and drawing faces and seeing Cate’s work really makes me want to try my hand at embroidery next.

Samantha Cotterill of Mummysam’s If Charlie Were King is done in a wonderfully illustrative style. She has a book out right now that I am really anxious to borrow, Fanciful Felties.

Something for Myself

Not to sound too woe-is-me, but I didn’t sew anything for myself all of 2010 and I think I’m due! Strangely enough, the higher powers that be must too, because I randomly saw a few tutorials out in blogville today that I want to try.

I saw this infinity dress that my local crafty pal, Daniela did and now I totally want to try one!

Dana over at Made posted this fantastically, elasticy , twirly-whirly winter skirt and my heart is racing like I’m doing the spinning right along with her. I want a bunch of them! For me and the girls. Wait, scratch that. Forget the girls, this post is about ME.

I actually already own both the Sencha and the Crepe patterns from the lovely and local Sarai‘s Colette Patterns. Now I just  need to remember, as my Mama always says, “It’s all about me,” and get to work!

And then I saw this…

Squam! Taking cool craft classes. Meeting awesome people. On a retreat. In a beautiful location. Without my kids. Are you reading this Hubs?

What I’ve Been Up To

My friend Julia asked me to make some overalls and dresses for her twins and some twin friends. I used a pattern from Ottobre‘s Spring 2009 magazine.

I made a pair of blue striped overalls too, but forgot to get a picture! Julia promises me I’ll get a picture of all the twins together later in the summer so I’ll make sure to post that.

I helped PZ make herself a felt flower headband from a little kit. She was so proud!

The girls and I created this handsome guy one rainy afternoon. Believe me, we could have an army of these guys with the amount of rainy afternoons we’ve had this spring.

And this is my upcoming project – bloomers and a tank for my friend Anne’s 10 month old daughter, Opal. I’m hoping to finish it today or tomorrow. So let’s see, with my going rate that should mean you’ll see pictures of it in about a month! Ha!

Day 1

If you’re wondering what’s up with the title, I’m talking about elsie marley‘s kids clothes week challenge.  I worked more than my alloted one hour today (more like 5) because I wanted to finish these 6 pairs of boys pants I started over a week ago. Phew! Porkchop pocket-ed clam diggers done. Perhaps I should call them Pigs by Sea or When Pigs Swim. What do you think?

12 mos

12 mos

When I did the Rieke Art Fair two weekends ago I got a lot of feedback from Mamas with young boys. So here’s my answer to, “where’s your stuff for boys?” I’ve got sizes 12mos to 5 and will be selling these at the Stephenson Art Fair on the 19th. Tomorrow I can start working on something for the girls again. I declare jumpsuit season begins tomorrow. Stay tuned!

18 mos

18 mos

24 mos

24 mos







If I had time I’d be making this right now…

If I had time I’d be making this right now…

Bolt *neighborhood‘s (go Portland!) fabric covered buttons look simple and like a lot of fun. I’ve bought the button making kits. I hope to get to it some time this weekend.

These fish bowls from indietutes are SO cute. BTW this blog is one of my MUST READS!

Giver’s Log felt flower rings are something PZ and I could work on during Q’s naptime.

At Second Street’s suitcase dino playscape is totally awesome. I might have to do this with the kiddos this summer.

Lavender and Limes colorful yarn jars are very cute, something my 4 year old could do during “quiet time” and a breeze on my supply list since I’ve given up trying to learn how to knit and we only drink out of jars around my house. Hubs is a breaker.

eatmakeread‘s pretzel nuggets look so darn yummy and would satisfy the salt lovers in my house.

Brassy Apple‘s ruffly spring top looks comfy and cute and not too hard to make.

Dollar Store Crafts‘ eight dollar playhouse would be just the thing for my girls this summer. I’m totally making one of these!

The 2×4 xylophone posted on Instructables will go great with the banging wall I want to build in my backyard.

Smitten Kitchen‘s classic cobb salad looks delicious and just perfect for outdoor dinners.

Dollar Store Craft‘s bicycle frame lunch bag would be a great gift to make for kid’s and adults both. I know a lot of people who would love one of these.

Who wouldn’t love a ruffly steampunk parasol and what a simple restyle. I found this one on Dollar Store Crafts.

Perhaps these lemon rolls with lemon cream cheese from eatmakeread could do double duty. They could make me feel like the happiest most loved mama around on this upcoming mama’s day AND fulfill PZ”s repeated request for lemon meringue pie after reading Amelia Bedelia every night for the last few weeks.

Your Tip for Tuesday – Go To This Show!!

Just wanted to let all the Portland and surrounding area locals know about a great little show coming up. It’s called “one stitch forward, one stitch back”,  and is being held at Redux (811 east Burnside #110 Portland, OR) running from April 2 until May 2. Opening reception is on this Friday night 6pm-10pm.

Here’s the info that curator Pamela Davis sent me about the show –

The domestic arts have a long history of resourcefulness often salvaging and reclaiming materials, turning scraps into treasures for future generations. The 24 artists showcased here will take needlecraft back to those roots incorporating repurposed materials while adding a contemporary twist to the art.

And here’s a list of the participating artists –

Emily Rose BaierBerkley Illustration, Diem Chau, Pamela DavisJessica FridayKate GreinerRachel Hunnicutt,  Iron Pony, Tracy JagerEmily KatzCarla MadrigalAndrea MajotJohnny Murder, Beth Murphy, Penny Nickels, Lucy PetersonCathy PittersKristen RaskKristen RuppT.J. Sabatini, Charlotte Schwennsen, Cindy SteilerBecky Stern

I really hope to see you guys there. Heck! I really hope I can find the time/sitter so I can BE seen there. Ha!

Feel Good Giveaway – Sesame Seed Designs

In true Portland fashion, Sesame Seed Designs makes home and personal accessories that are not only fun and attractive, but also environmentally friendly. As an ecologist, fiber artist, and mother, Casey makes functional, nature-themed items using recycled wool and cashmere sweaters. Cozy and eco-friendly!

If you are local, check out Sesame Seed Designs this weekend (Dec 13) at the Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale and next  (Dec 19) at SCRAP’s Holiday Bazaar. For those not in the Portland area, make sure to check out her shop and newsletters for further updates.

Perfect for stocking stuffing or even an early Santa gift for yourself, Casey is generously giving ONE winner the choice between a pouch or coffee sleeve. To win, leave a comment here before Sunday Dec 13th midnight PST. Tell me which you choose and I’d love to hear about a favorite gift from recycled materials that you’ve either given or received.

For a second shot at winning tweet about this giveaway and leave the url in another comment.

Want a third and final chance? Subscribe or follow my blog. Good luck!

Fancy Pants

If you are looking for my SMS giveaway posts either scroll down or click here for HumbleLuna’s (the tail) and here for Sister Diane’s (ebook). I know it feels like I’ve become a giveaway blog, but I promise I’m still here. Motivation has been a bit of an issue lately. I’m hoping I can get a good deal done this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I wanted to show you guys something, even if it isn’t one of the presents I’m working on. (I’m taking pictures of all my finished presents and will post them after Christmas so you guys can see the last hurrah). Here are some “fancy pants” I made for Q. I found the black wool, think peacoat material) at Mill’s End and the vintage lace at Knittn’ Kitten. PZ saw these and immediately asked where hers were, so I’m going to have to make her something similar. Is a 4 year old too old to have ruffles on the butt? I kind of think maybe. Perhaps I’ll put the ruffles down the sides or on the knees. Let me know what you think!

fancy pants

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