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Scrapy Dolls

While Hubs was doing dishes (that’s right) this afternoon and Q was pretending to nap, PZ was doing a bit of “there’s nothing to do,” moping. I pulled out one of my bags of small scraps (yes, I have a scrap hierarchy) and she and I made some scrapy dolls. She made a bride (apparently there is a veil under there somewhere!)

and we made a fish and some best friends.

PZ liked making these so much she asked if we could send some scraps to school with her tomorrow so all of the kids at preschool could make a scrapy doll. I’ll post them if I get some pictures.

Sugar and Slip Stitchery

easter-eggsThese came out pretty cute. I used Kristen’s tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew. My challenge with these was the hand stitching. Once I figured out how to do a slip stitch I was good to go. I whipped up six of them in just a couple of hours. Super easy! And then stitched them up this morning while my kiddos ate breakfast.

We had a great day over at our friend’s house, even if it did rain. We did the egg hunt (inside), which was the first hunt we’ve done with PZ and she did really well, and we ate a great lunch and decorated cupcakes and filled any lingering holes in our bellies with jellybeans. Quite a fun, sugar-filled afternoon.

She's giving her best Easter Bunny grin.

She's giving her best Easter Bunny grin.

Not that we particularly needed any more sugary treats after eating the yummy apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting at PZ’s Continue reading