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Open for Business

Just wanted to post a little announcement that I’ve finally gotten off my butt and gotten my Sew Flippin Cool¬†Etsy shop up and running. Yay! I’ve been selling kids clothes, accessories, and costumes around town and through the mail for the last year now, but just couldn’t seem to find the time to get my act together with Etsy. Done and done! Check it out and let me know what you think. Like I said, I’m new to this so feedback would be a blessing. Thanks!

P.S. Spread the word!

Industrious Emily

I got thirty two sandwich bags completed this weekend. Feeling like I’m living up to my name (Emily = industrious). I let the girls choose one each and I’ll take the other thirty to Piccolina (both the Clinton and the Woodstock stores) tomorrow. If you are looking for a fun Easter goody bag or some picnic bags as we head into the spring season, you’ll know where to find them.

To Halloween and Beyond!


Don’t worry. I haven’t lost my mind. I know that Halloween is over, but I have been a little, lets say relaxed about posting my handmade costume pictures. The Halloween sewing was a little easier this year with a unicorn, a turtle, and my husband went as the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Getting ready to go trick or treating

with wookie friend

swing at the park after Zara's Halloween parade

the shy, I mean majestic, unicorn

wookie and turtle hold hands (friend Yancey made wookie costume)

Some other fun things I’ve been working on the last few week or so are these cute red and turquoise birdy pants, sz 12-24 months.

red corduroy

I’ve also been making more of these fun scoodies (hood with a scarf attached). This bear I did on commission and the apple I did just for fun.


bear hat


apple hat

And something just for me. My moon tattoo!!


my first tattoo!


Its been a good fall so far. Can’t wait to see what November has in store.

cranky turtle

Love at First Sight

“So flippin’ cool!”, spontaneously blurted out of my mouth upon seeing MY designs on Anne’s daughter Opal today. I had my first photo shoot today for the new website (which will be coming soon) and it was awesome! My friend Anne did the photography, my other friend Jody helped out and they both lent their children as models. Believe me, with 6 kids running around half dressed and crazy, chaos ensued.

The Rieke Art Fair is this Sunday and I think I’m pretty much ready. The rubber stamp I bought to stamp out my logo tags was printed backwards, (totally my fault), so the clothes will be without tags. Hopefully by the next fair I’ll have them. Wish me luck! If anyone has any advice/craft fair horror stories, or fond fair memories I’d love to hear it!

Sew Flippin Cool

So you may have noticed I’ve been an absentee blog writer lately. I promise it isn’t because I don’t want to be here! My camera broke at the end of February and we’ve yet to replace it and I’ve also been SUPER busy starting my own clothing line, SEW FLIPPIN COOL. Yay! I’m making pretty much the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing me make: lots of kids pants although now I’m doing skirts, dresses and tops too. I’ve also been doing some fun kids accessories like super hero masks, hats, headbands, bags, etc. My online store isn’t up yet, but Hubs promises he’ll get to it soon.

If you are a Portland local and would like to check out my stuff (please!) I’ll be at the Rieke Elementary School Art Fair on Sunday, April 25th and at the Stephenson Elementary School Spring Art Fair on Wednesday evening, May 19th. Wish me luck and I hope to see you there!