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Sewn With Love Sew Along (Button-Through Dress)- Section 1 Making Up the Yoke

For those of you who are just tuning in, I’m doing a sew along for Fiona Bell’s Sewn With Love Book. This is step 1 of the Button-Through Dress. I have already given the cutting instructions here.

I've matched up the shoulders and sewn up the seams

First thing you want to do, after ironing all your yoke pieces, is match the shoulders right sides together and pin the front pieces to the back. Sew along the shoulder seams with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Repeat for the yoke lining. You should now have what is pictured above.

I've pressed my shoulder seams

Now press your shoulders seams open, then fold and press the bottom of each yoke 1/4 inch to the wrong side.

I've folded and pressed the edges of my yoke

I've basted the neckline of my yoke

Put the wrong sides together then baste the yoke and lining together around the neckline. Pin and baste your length of broderie anglaise trim along the bottom edges of the front yoke pieces (this is optional. In my first dress I used ric-rak instead). The right side of the top edge of the trim should be facing the wrong side of the bottom edge of the outer front yoke.

I've pinned the top of the lace to the bottom edge of the yoke

I've sewn the lace onto the yoke and flipped the edges under.

I've finished making up the yoke