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Sewn With Love Sew-Along Step 2: Making Up the Body of the Dress

Sorry this has taken so long to post. I’ve had the sewing part done for awhile now, but the blogging part to me longer. Okay, so Step 2 in our Sewn With Love Button-Through Dress Sew-Along is all about making up the body of the dress. (Look here and here and here if you need to catch up). We get a lot done in this step so please let me know if you’ve got any questions about anything.

First thing we do is lay out your ironed back piece right side up. Take one of your front pieces and place it right side down on top of the back piece, lining up the arm holes. I found that, because I’m such a great cutter, my back piece was longer than the front. As long as the arm hole parts line up, you can cut the bottom edge to line up later.

I've placed the right sides of one of the front pieces to the back piece and pinned.

Make sure the arm holes match up.

Once you have it lined up, pin it along the side edges. Sew the sides together and repeat this process with the other front piece. Now that both front pieces are sewn to the back piece, finish off the rough edges.

I've sewn the front and back pieces together, finished the raw edges with pinking shears and pressed them down.

Sew two gathering (basting) stitches along the top edge of the back piece and both front pieces. You want to keep long strings on the ends of all your stitched lines. If you’ve never gathered before, check out this tutorial.

I've basted along the top of the back piece and left a long string for gathering.

I've finished my basting seams and am ready to start gathering. *Note where I started each seam on the back piece.

I've gathered the back piece.

Now that you’re done gathering the back piece, its time to push it between the flaps of the yoke. Make sure that when your back piece is tucked in between the yoke the right side of the fabric is going in between the right side of the back yoke. (I messed this up the first time and had my dress pieces inside out after sewing. Oops!) Pin and sew.

I've put the back piece in between the yoke and pinned it. Make sure your back piece is on the back of the yoke.

I've sewn the back piece to the yoke.

You’re ready to do the same thing to your front pieces and the front part of the yoke. I suggest working with the lace side up so you don’t sew your lace by mistake. Pin and sew the front pieces to the yoke and you’re done with step 2!

I've gathered and pinned the front pieces to the yoke.

This is what it should look like from the inside with all your pieces put inside the yoke.

I've sewn the front pieces to the yoke - step 2 finished!

I’m done sewing step 3 so I’ll try and get the sew along posted some time this week. How is everyone doing with their dress? I’d love to see pictures when we’re all done!

In no way perfect, but…”

Every time I go to show someone one of my finished sewing projects, these are the words I say, “It’s in no way perfect, but…”. Part of me is sad that I feel I have to somehow justify my work like this. The other part of me thinks it is hilarious that even though I KNOW the piece isn’t perfect, I still can’t wait to show it off! I’m so excited to have created something, I can’t help but love it flaws and all. So, keeping that it mind…pzinsmock

I made this smock using Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book

I made this smock using Amy Karol‘s Bend the Rules Sewing Book. I was originally thinking it would work for Q to go with the bloomers I made from Heather RossWeekend Book, but it was WAY too big. Fits PZ quite nicely though, and since she is pretty much convinced that everything I make should go to her this worked out.



Speaking of Q, she has decided that spoon feeding is no longer an option. She must feed herself. So, until it is warm enough for her to go shirtless at the dinner table I figured we’re going to need a lot more bibs in the house. I copied the shape from Jenny Ryan‘s Sew Darn Cute book, but where she calls for adding an iron-on vinyl to the fabric I chose to just leave the cotton plain. I’ve found that the vinyl bibs work better for older kids, whereas when they are still young enough to make BIG messes it is best to be able to throw it in the wash. Just my preference.