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Must MAKE Monday

So I got the opportunity to see Handmade Nation, Faythe Lavine‘s documentary on the Handmade movement, this evening at the Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft. I sat from the first chords of “Hands On” during the opening credits all the way until the closing reel with a smile on my face, relishing the thought of seeing this film again.

As a nod to the movement, and in hopes of sharing just a shred of that feeling with you, I present Must MAKE Monday. Since my goal is to make all handmade gifts this year, and I don’t want any of those recipients to have the surprise ruined, all these Must Makes will be things I want to make for myself or my girls and not gift projects that I have planned.

how-to make a picnic blanket

how-to make a picnic blanket

I have always wanted a beautiful picnic blanket. This Sew, Mama, Sew tutorial by Erin from house on hill road is well written Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Which Handmade Cleaning Supplies are a Must Have this Spring

As an ode to the first day of spring, (yes, I know I’m a tad late), and a perfect list for that “I’ll do it Monday” mentality, here are my top 9 of 2009 Spring Cleaning handmade buys.


These storage bins from Sewing Momma are sew cute! I love all the fabrics and that they can be rolled down to size. I’d love to see a tutorial on that one! Continue reading