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Tutorial – How to Turn a Receiving Blanket into Kid’s Pants

My mom originally gave me this receiving blanket back in 2006 when PZ was born. It came in a pack of 4 from Target. It’s Carter’s brand and is 100% cotton with little giraffes, elephants, and lions on it. We used it with the birth of my second daughter, Q last July and subsequently loaned it to J for the birth of her daughter back in February. Needless to say, this blanket has been napped on, peed on, dragged around, dropped in the dirt, and washed a hundred times. When my friend returned it to me last week I was torn. I knew none of the resale shops would want it and we didn’t need it, so I was planning on taking it to Goodwill before I got the great idea to turn it into some awesome pajama pants for Q.

I figure I’m not the only Mama with a a little sentimentality and a lot of faded, well loved baby blankets. So here’s my first sewing tutorial. I apologize about the crazy lighting in the pictures. I’m blaming it on the fact that it was 9 pm and we have horrible lighting in my house. If I’d waited for a good time during the day to make this tutorial, it would be a VERY long wait. There are also a ton of pictures. If anything is unclear, please ask me and I’ll try to explain.

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