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Over the Moon!


Sure, its bragging, but I can’t help myself. I entered a picture of PZ and Q’s astronaut and space alien costumes into nonchalant mom‘s Halloween Costume Contest and I won!! I am so excited! Yay!! Of course, if I win a contest with my very first handmade Halloween costumes, where do I go from there? Who cares! For now, I’m over the moon!!



One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mamakind


can you guess what she is??

So PZ wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. Yay! Fun costume!! I let Hubs and her do the paper mache helmet and backpack/oxygen tanks and I sewed the suit. I used this pair of overalls that I’d bought from Inretrospect last Christmas as a guide and added sleeves. I put elastic in the ankle and wrist bands and added a little piece of admiral star ribbon. I added the gathered shoulder and the high collar to give it a bit of 60’s “moon girl” appeal.

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