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Your Tip for Tuesday – Go To This Show!!

Just wanted to let all the Portland and surrounding area locals know about a great little show coming up. It’s called “one stitch forward, one stitch back”,  and is being held at Redux (811 east Burnside #110 Portland, OR) running from April 2 until May 2. Opening reception is on this Friday night 6pm-10pm.

Here’s the info that curator Pamela Davis sent me about the show –

The domestic arts have a long history of resourcefulness often salvaging and reclaiming materials, turning scraps into treasures for future generations. The 24 artists showcased here will take needlecraft back to those roots incorporating repurposed materials while adding a contemporary twist to the art.

And here’s a list of the participating artists –

Emily Rose BaierBerkley Illustration, Diem Chau, Pamela DavisJessica FridayKate GreinerRachel Hunnicutt,  Iron Pony, Tracy JagerEmily KatzCarla MadrigalAndrea MajotJohnny Murder, Beth Murphy, Penny Nickels, Lucy PetersonCathy PittersKristen RaskKristen RuppT.J. Sabatini, Charlotte Schwennsen, Cindy SteilerBecky Stern

I really hope to see you guys there. Heck! I really hope I can find the time/sitter so I can BE seen there. Ha!