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Something for Myself

Not to sound too woe-is-me, but I didn’t sew anything for myself all of 2010 and I think I’m due! Strangely enough, the higher powers that be must too, because I randomly saw a few tutorials out in blogville today that I want to try.

I saw this infinity dress that my local crafty pal, Daniela did and now I totally want to try one!

Dana over at Made posted this¬†fantastically, elasticy , twirly-whirly winter skirt and my heart is racing like I’m doing the spinning right along with her. I want a bunch of them! For me and the girls. Wait, scratch that. Forget the girls, this post is about ME.

I actually already own both the Sencha and the Crepe patterns from the lovely and local Sarai‘s Colette Patterns. Now I just ¬†need to remember, as my Mama always says, “It’s all about me,” and get to work!

And then I saw this…

Squam! Taking cool craft classes. Meeting awesome people. On a retreat. In a beautiful location. Without my kids. Are you reading this Hubs?