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Wednesday Inspiration – Junk to Funk

Junk to Funk Trashion Collective started out in 2006 as an annual competition of wearable art and Avant-garde fashion created out of trash, produced in Portland, OR. Since then they have expanded their program to include youth summer camps, in school artists in residencies and after school programs as well as Trashion for Business, Trashion for Entertainment, and Trashion for individual commissions. Their overall mission is to inspire individuals towards responsible consumerism, creative re-use and conscientious disposal by providing unique fashion based entertainment and educational programs. See how you can get involved here.

Very cool! Here are a few of the designs from the 2008 Junk To Funk fashion show.

Hospital Gown Revised created by Elaine Jane Cole and Laura Fieselman, worn by Laura Fieselman is composed of 15 yards of “blue wrap,” or polypropylene woven material used to cover sterilized surgical instruments, many feet of blue latex wrap, 14 plastic disposable tweezers, plastic tubing from an irrigation pump and a disposable surgical clamp.

18th Century Fox created and worn by Amy Hyatt is constructed out of 1,128 dryer sheets collected from friends, family, and neighbors and a few dried centerpiece flowers.

Twilight Before the Fall created by Cory McMahon and worn by Liz Slint-Somerville was made using  recycled bike tire tubing for the bodice and used sewing patterns were layered to make the skirt.

Mistress of the Sea Weeds created and worn by Julie Yanko is made from crab pot ropes and buoys she cleaned off Oregon beaches.

Alotta Gelato – Alotta Trash created and worn by Emily Hyde was made entirely out of colorful gelato cups, spoons and sampling utensils.

Crown Royal Gown created by Colleen Miezejeski was made through the systematic dissection and reassembly of close to 500 crown royal bags.