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Must Make Monday – Home Projects for My Late Summer/Early Fall

My first two projects are from twogirlzstuff. I saw the vintage hanky curtain on pinterest and when I went to go see what was there the above map covered tins caught my eye.  The curtain will be great for my kitchen window. If anyone has any vintage hankies they are willing to part with I would love to swap some vintage fabric for some. 

I’ve recently reorganized my jewelry and right now all my earrings are just chilling in a lidded porcelain box. Something like this cool idea from Modish would really come in handy.

 I like this woodsy hanger tutorial from The Maize Hutton Blog. It would be great for my photo shoots and for displaying some dresses on the girl’s walls. Plus I’d get to use power tools!

I’ve been meaning to make some of these potluck bowl covers for awhile. maya*made shows ya how to do it just in time for those late season picnics and get togethers.

Megan over at Ohdeedoh shows you how to make a hanging book display. My girls are in a bunk bed so I think this would work nicely in lieu of a bedside table.

Laura Normandin over at Wren Handmade had the great idea to make one of these oilcloth fabric table placemats. I’ll have to do a circle one, but I should be able to figure that out.

Better Homes and Gardens has a how-to for these really fun vintage tin organizers. Wonderful for the studio, living room, girl’s room, wherever and once again power tools!

I’m thinking this basket from Pickles will be good for getting me back into crocheting this fall. Might just have to make a few of these!

I love these memory jars from Martha Stewart. The girls and I collected a TON of seashells from our WA trips this summer and I think this would be a fun project to do with the girls before school starts.

Pillowcase Nightgown

This has been a crazy week. I’ve been fighting a cold since Tuesday and literally haven’t done anything since then. Luckily I finished this cute little nightgown for PZ on Monday evening. She’s been wearing it all week and I really need to get a picture of her in it.

She had asked me to make her a nightgown because baby sister has one I got at the resale shop by Mini Boden. She wanted it to have yellow roses on it. As fate would have it, I just happened to snag this pillowcase at a rummage sale last summer and see this tutorial a few weeks ago. Kismet I tell you!

In other news… I just bought a serger! I’m so excited for it to get here. I’ve been thinking about getting one for what seems like forever and I just took the plunge! Now I’ll be able to do all those cool repurposed t-shirt tutorials I’ve been drooling over. Yay!

Must Make Monday – Cardboard

Last week I spotlighted some great tutorials for upcycling your vintage sheets. Now let’s look at your recycling bin for all the cardboard you’ve been tossing and see all the cool things we can make.

LIEr from ikat bag gives a wonderfully detailed tutorial on how to use cardboard as a building material. She then goes on to list 3 dozen different toy ideas to make once you’re ready, the boomerang and car are included. Terrific!

maya*made has some really great cardboard tutorials, too. Check out her cardboard easel and milk carton art caddy, (I’ll have to put that book on my look for list!), and her children’s table and chairs made from her own design.

Robert Maher, whom you may recognize from such greats at MaherDrygoods.com and the Junior Society, has done these wonderful crafts for Cuties mandarin oranges. This doll bed is adorable and now I wish I’d saved more of my Cuties boxes. Next year!

Joel Henriques of madebyjoel is another one of my favorite crafty gentlemen and he does lots of cool cardboard toys, like these cat and dog box pull toys and this imaginative marionette.

If you are still looking for more things to do to reduce that cardboard pile by reusing it into something fantastic, especially for your kiddos, check out The Crafty Crow‘s cardboard section. Pretty grand! Enjoy and try not to get a paper cut, will ya!


Naughty Knit or My First Refashion for the Month

I don’t sew with knits. I have a walking foot that I bought awhile ago so I could start sewing knits, but I can’t figure out how to attach it properly to my machine. In truth, I’m not even sure I bought the right one for my machine! Anyhoo, enough of my absurdity. I didn’t even use the aforementioned walking foot on this project. Just jumped right in and made a mess of things.

I saw this little tutorial over at Make It and Love it (Ashley always has such great tutorials and ideas. I’m a follower. ), on the same day that I just happened to buy a “boring” orange tee shirt for PZ at the resale shop. After sitting on it for a few months, I finally dragged the shirt out of my HUGE repurpose pile on Wednesday night and set to work. I tried sewing the skirt onto the knit shirt 3 times and this is the best I could get. My fix is the ribbon belt also a repurposed item. It once was a bow on a present many moons ago.

Not my best work, but I still think its pretty cute. Orange and stripes and hearts – what’s not to love?!? I hadn’t sewn anything since getting back from Hawaii and it was nice to work in my newly cleaned studio. That is until I got to the naughty knit part. Anyone out there with help on the walking foot front I’d love to hear from you! Otherwise I think I’m headed back to the store next week to get some advice.

Make Make Monday – Vintage Sheets Upcycled

To start my Scrappy April off right, I did a little research on one of my favorite materials to see upcycled – vintage sheets. There’s some seriously pretty fabrics in these links, folks. I have a small collection of sheets and pillowcases in my own stash and I just might have to try one or two of these tutorials. If you’ve done any, I’d love to see pictures.

And now… On with our show!

Get Your Martha On shows a better way than just eating in bed to use your sheet as a napkin.

Check the sidebar for all 4 weeks of the “On The Edge” sew along over at You Go Girl. This would be a great project to either make your own pillowcase from vintage sheets or just pretty up an old pillowcase.

Oh, Fransson gives us a pretty way to organize our projects with the Workbasket tutorial. These would be great picnic baskets, too!

Design Sponge posted blogger and etsy shop owner Katherine Jalaty’s folder tutorial. What every crafty business needs for keeping all those pesky receipts neat and pretty.

My five year old has been yearning for a nightgown. gingercake‘s pillowcase nightgown might just be what she gets. I would imagine the cotton would feel SO comfortable. Perfect for summer or you could use flannel ones for winter!

Instead of bringing a book to bed, Emmmy Lizzzy show how to bring a bed to books with this clever tutorial for covering wall shelves with vintage sheets.

Author of Sewing Green, Betz White gives us a shoe bag tutorial using vintage sheets. So practical for traveling or even just keeping your nice shoes from getting banged up in the closet.

The Vintage Sheet Blog has a ton of great tutorials like this market tote one. They are also have a vintage sheet FQs giveaway open until April 7. Hurry, before it becomes just a thing in the past!

Must Make Monday – Spring is Just Around the Corner

Spring! Even the word seems happy. Every year, around this time, I start to feel itchy waiting for spring to arrive. Each newly spotted bloom is a fresh reminder that soon the sun will come back and life will begin again. If you’re like me and ready for spring, then this Must Make Monday should fill you with inspiration.

Whether spring brings to mind thoughts of bunnies and chicks, flowers and fresh produce, floral prints and pastels, or even rain boots and frilly umbrellas, this list has something for everyone.

Make a paper mache boat with Ann Wood and sail it through a spring shower.


Let Martha show you how to paint the inside of your vases to make the most of your spring bouquets.

Cami at You Seriously Made That?!? shows us how to crochet a beautiful flower headband that will put us in a spring frame of mind.

She’s Got a Passion for Fashion and she wants to give your wardrobe a lift by showing you how to make a fantastic Peter Pan collar.

Your little rabbit can hop right into spring with these clever dress up ears. Stacy from Hart and Sew will show you how, you just need to bring your imagination.

These pom poms bring cheer to your house while you wait those last few weeks for the flowers to bloom. Clean out your closet and Craftaholics Anonymous can show you how to make them out of old tee shirts.

Speaking of spring cleaning, Macheesmo shows you how to do it the natural way with 4 great cleaning fluid recipes. Add some lavender oil and let the scent whisk you away to a spring meadow.

Craft Knife knows how to get your kids up and out the door this spring. Give’em wings! Make beautiful butterfly wings out of wire hangers and old clothes.

This great dress from Me Sew Crazy is enough to give anyone spring fever! Make one for your little girl and watch her twirl.

Think about refashioning some of your winter wardrobe to beat those winter blues and spring into a fresh new cardigan with help from Ruffles and Stuff.

Even when it feels like you can’t chase those clouds away, just remember that April showers bring May flowers. While we wait for those, wear one of these cute felt rain clouds, from Bugs and Fishes, on your coat and know that spring is just around the corner!

Tutorial – How to Turn a Receiving Blanket into Kid’s Pants

My mom originally gave me this receiving blanket back in 2006 when PZ was born. It came in a pack of 4 from Target. It’s Carter’s brand and is 100% cotton with little giraffes, elephants, and lions on it. We used it with the birth of my second daughter, Q last July and subsequently loaned it to J for the birth of her daughter back in February. Needless to say, this blanket has been napped on, peed on, dragged around, dropped in the dirt, and washed a hundred times. When my friend returned it to me last week I was torn. I knew none of the resale shops would want it and we didn’t need it, so I was planning on taking it to Goodwill before I got the great idea to turn it into some awesome pajama pants for Q.

I figure I’m not the only Mama with a a little sentimentality and a lot of faded, well loved baby blankets. So here’s my first sewing tutorial. I apologize about the crazy lighting in the pictures. I’m blaming it on the fact that it was 9 pm and we have horrible lighting in my house. If I’d waited for a good time during the day to make this tutorial, it would be a VERY long wait. There are also a ton of pictures. If anything is unclear, please ask me and I’ll try to explain.

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