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Velveteen Ribbon and Gingham Fabric Headband Tutorial

I bought some velveteen ribbon  precut at Mills End before Easter with the thought of making some Easter headbands. Better late than never, right? While Q naps this stomach bug away, and PZ works in her art studio, I decided to make something pretty while I do ANOTHER load of laundry. I also figured easy project means easy tutorial – more or less. So here’s how I did it.

I dug around in my HUGE scrap stash and found a piece of vintage gingham already in the exact size I needed. I also used some leftover elastic from a previous pants project, so all in all this project was super simple for me. I hope the same goes for you if you decide to try it. So, let’s go!

What you’ll need

a ribbon (mine was precut at 18 1/3 inches long and is 2/3 inch wide)

fabric rectangle (I cut mine 8 x 2 and 2/3 inch)

elastic ( I used 5/8)

head measurement (PZ’s head was approximately 23 inches)


Step 1. Cut the elastic – Take your head measurement (23) and subtract your ribbon length (18), then subtract 2 1/2 and that’s how long your elastic should be.  I cut mine 2 1/2 inches long.

Step 2. Iron fabric.  Fold the long edges 1/4 inch and iron each side down. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and iron it.

Step 3. Reopen your fabric tube and iron the short ends down 1/4 inch.

Step 4. Topstitch the rectangle into a tube.

Step 5. Sew one end of the elastic to one end of the ribbon.

you're not seeing things. the ribbon color HAS changed

Step 6. Attach a safety pin to the other end of the elastic. Push the elastic through the fabric tube. (tutorial)

Step 7. Topstitch the fabric tube around the ribbon, just past the attaching elastic.

Step 8. Sew the other end of the ribbon to the elastic and push the tube down to cover it. Topstitch this side, pull taut to create a good ruffle, and you’re done!

On the second one I made a little embellishment. I had some cucumber fabric which is one of PZ’s favorite foods. I ironed on some interfacing and then cut out one crisp looking cucumber. I hand sewed it on, trying to emulate the look of cucumber seeds with my stitches. PZ was so pleased she pretended to eat the cucumber right off! If you make one, I’d love to see it!

I also wanted to mention that I worked with local band Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside as my background music. Thanks Jenn for the CD!


UFO Sewing Project and another possible giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed

If you are looking for my SMS May Giveaway Day post check here.

UFO – That’s Unidentified Fabric Object. I was at the Knittn’ Kitten yesterday and saw on the vintage fabric table a couple of ziplock bags with a.dorable fabric scraps in them. The bags were labeled  as precut vintage. I didn’t think much about it other than it was $1 and I could make pockets out of it.

That is until I got home and really took a look at what I had.

This was the first piece that tipped me off that I may have bought more than just scraps. Upon further inspection and a little help from PZ, we pieced together the puzzle into something like this…

 As you can see there is a face piece and 2 back of the head pieces, a front and 2 back body pieces, 2 leg pieces that are cut on the fold, 2 front and back arm pieces (see the little finger nubs?). I’m not sure if its supposed to be a lamb or a rabbit, cat or dog. Who knows? Any guesses?

There is actually another almost complete set of these precut pieces. We’ve got everything but one of the arms. I have another scrap piece that one part of the lost arm could be cut from, but the back of the arm would need to be cut from another fabric. Or you could just have a 1 armed friend.

I’m already sending one package out with my SMS May Giveaway Day so sending one more wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re interested in the precut pieces leave me a comment and let me know what kind of animal you think it is and if you plan on using a different fabric for the arms or just making a 1 armed friend. If more than one person shows interest I’ll  A)  be surprised, and B) randomly pick a winner.

Happy Wednesday, folks! Its another rainy day here in Portland so we’re going to need it.

May Giveaway Day!

Comments Closed. The Winner will be announced tomorrow. Thanks everybody for all the great comments!

I have always been into vintage, even more so lately if that’s possible. Vintage kids books, vintage patterns, and especially vintage fabric. You may have seen some of the cute tops, shorts and dresses I made for my kiddos during KCWC.

To celebrate my love of vintage, this May Giveaway Day  I’m going to make something out of a great vintage fabric for one of you lucky readers. I can do a dress or top for little girls NB to 6 or a pair of pants or shorts for little boys NB to 6.

If this sounds too crazy and you just want something you’ve already laid your eyes on, feel free to check out my shop and pick any item $15 or less.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite color is and a little about the kiddo I’ll be sewing for. I’ll pick the winner at random on May 26th. This contest is open to everyone, even my international readers.

If you have any feedback about my shop I’d love to hear that, too. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! We’re going to be doing a lot of fun stuff this summer.

NOTE: The items pictured in this post are NOT the item being given away. The item the winner will receive will be handmade by me after the giveaway is closed. 

KCWC – Day 3

I used this tutorial (after jimmying with the number a bit) to make these three dresses for Quinby. She looks adorable in them, but it was a gray day here in Portland so no photos. Maybe tomorrow.

I used all vintage fabrics for these which is great, because they are not only super cute and unique, but these dresses probably cost me about $4 total to make. Sweet!

I finished the apron top I was working on for PZ too. My math sucked though and it would fit a 12 year old better than my 5 year old. Now I have to try to rework it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How is everyone else doing with the Kids Clothing Week Challenge?  In case you missed them, here are my days 1 and 2.

Getting Back Into the Swing with Spring

We’ve had very sunny weather the last two days in Portland. Yay! So I’ve been inspired to get some fun spring sewing done. Yesterday, I made this little dress for Q out of green polka dot fabric and a vintage floral calico. She looks like such a little lady in it. I’m totally loving this style.

I  made PZ a little romper out of the same fabrics. I don’t usually do the matchy-matchy thing, but I had just enough of both of these fabrics and I figured one of the girls might not like it and I’d just sell it. Nope. They both want to keep their new outfits. Who am I to argue!? (Ignore the messy living room. I did mention it was both nice AND I’ve been sewing, right?)

I made this dress today with this great tribute to Tammis Keefe fabric from Michael Miller. Love, Love, Love this fabric! I got it at Cool Cottons and several others from the same line. I think I’ve pretty much perfected this dress now. I’m finally starting to feel like I can just sit down and sew cute clothes without too much trouble. Of course a dress like this one isn’t TOO terribly difficult, but more than I could have done last year, so I’m happy!

I’m thinking of maybe doing a tutorial for either the dress or the romper. Any opinions? Interest? Let me know! If you are needing a push to getting some spring sewing of your own done check out Spring Top Week for selfish sewing or Elsie Marley‘s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge for sewing for your kiddos.

Friday Fabric Show – Showing off my knittn kitten booty while I bake

I am approximately eighteen minutes from being royally disappointed or tickled pink. It all depends on how the birthday cake I’m currently baking for Q comes out. I’m very excited about this cake. It is my first time baking a pink lady cake and I just know it is either going to be a new favorite or a complete disaster. Such is my luck with baking.

Well, while I wait, instead of sitting here playing the will it or won’t it be good game, I’ve decided to show off some of my fabric finds from my Wednesday sojourn to Knittn Kitten. I went in search of flannel for the Craft Hope blankets I’m planning on making and ended up also getting some really great tee shirt fabric and waffle knit (not shown because while I got a lot of it, it was just white and that would be boring) which are what I have used for my own girls’ swaddle blankets. Lots of good stretch! I, of course, also found some fun cotton prints that I just needed to have for my stash and some doodads I couldn’t live without.

klopman miller vintage fabric



red flowersgreen flowers




alligators at the beach and icecreams on tee shirt fabric

Saturday ‘citement!!!

Man did we need it! It was a L-O-N-G night. Actually it has been a long week. First week of no preschool and PZ gets sick! We’ve gotten out of the house just once this week. Now Q is sick and PZ is still coughing. My machine was “broken” last week and I didn’t get a chance to try it out until Tuesday, which was my one kind of productive day this week.

shorts for PZ

shorts for PZ

I made these out of a 2 fat quarters I got from bundles at Bolt. I actually had them already sewn together, they just needed hemming and the waistband and tag put in. (PZ complains if I don’t put a little ribbon in the back where the tag should be. Fair enough. She still has trouble figuring out which way to put on her pants, so the tag is a big help!)

rooster pocket on PZ's pants

rooster pocket on PZ's pants

PZ"s cockadoodledoo pants

PZ"s cockadoodledoo pants

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Monday’s Must Have Children’s Clothes: A Summer Wardrobe Worth Remembering

When I look back at pictures of myself as a child, I can’t help but consider the clothes I wore and contemplate what my Mama must have been thinking. Occasionally it is clear she wasn’t! Other times I can see the care that went into picking just the right outfit and even better sometimes I can tell the garment was lovingly handmade. The cut, pattern, and texture of these clothes color my memories just as that bite of birthday cake or splash of ocean waves remain indelible reminders of a childhood past.

Here is a collection of beautifully handmade children’s clothes perfectly suited for faerie tea parties, three legged races, and catching fire flies barefoot in the backyard.


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Sugar and Slip Stitchery

easter-eggsThese came out pretty cute. I used Kristen’s tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew. My challenge with these was the hand stitching. Once I figured out how to do a slip stitch I was good to go. I whipped up six of them in just a couple of hours. Super easy! And then stitched them up this morning while my kiddos ate breakfast.

We had a great day over at our friend’s house, even if it did rain. We did the egg hunt (inside), which was the first hunt we’ve done with PZ and she did really well, and we ate a great lunch and decorated cupcakes and filled any lingering holes in our bellies with jellybeans. Quite a fun, sugar-filled afternoon.

She's giving her best Easter Bunny grin.

She's giving her best Easter Bunny grin.

Not that we particularly needed any more sugary treats after eating the yummy apple spice cake with cream cheese frosting at PZ’s Continue reading

It’s raining, it’s pouring – Mama’s gone thrift store-ing

Wow! It rained so hard today; almost like we were in the Midwest or something. So unexpected, but completely lovely. Spring is in the air, even if my feet are in rain boots. Yancey and I took our tots to this great little fabric thrift store, Knittin’ Kitten, this morning. So fun! I got a great haul – lots of vintage fabric, ribbon, tape, straps, braid, elastic, gold ric rac!, different weight interfacing, some cool vintage children’s clothing patterns, and a Buhoogee quilting hoop – all for $60! If you live in Portland, you’ve gotta go here.

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