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Must Make Monday – Wall Pockets

I have to redo our family organizer wall center in our house. I also need to create better storage for PZ in her top bunk AND we need something better for the art room. Here are some of the things I’m thinking? Do you have any suggestions/tutorials that you wanna share? Please do!


Easy Album Cover Wall Organizers by Paper and Stitch – I’m thinking I could do 4 of these, one for each family member and have it for mail.

Corkboard/Wall Pocket Tutorial by Craft Apple – ┬ásomething like this would make our corkboard prettier.

Mail Sorter by Bright and Blithe – here is another mail idea.

Bunk bed wall pocket by Betz White – perfect for PZ’s bed

Wall Pocket by Stumbles and Stitches – Its like a portable art studio

Kidlet Wall Pocket Tidy Tote by Jennifer Casa – I think one of these would be great on the back of the bathroom door, on the sewing room door, and on our bedroom doors.