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Home again! Home again! We had a great weekend in the country. It was a little more dusty and a little less flowery than I had pictured, but we had a blast all the same. Thank you J & P for having us!! PZ had a great time running around and has convinced herself that with the great view of Mt. Adams that we had all weekend, she now wants to do some climbing. We’ll see about that!

I also had the realization while packing that if it is going to be sunny and warm like this for awhile, I need to get sewing. My girls need cute summer clothes and I could use some new skirts and blouses, myself. So good to be away, but nice to come home and get back to my machine and my fabrics. Hmmm…can anyone say craftaholic?

Speaking of crafty, my post on Friday was so short I didn’t really get to list all the wonderful items I had in my queue. So here are some great finds that remind me of a weekend in the country and make me miss our getaway even though I’ve been home only a few short hours. Enjoy!

Dark Horse Farm Designs

Dark Horse Farm Designs

These bright and happy horses are a great way for kids to get out some energy, whether they are galloping through a horse pasture or cantering down a city lane. I absolutely love the fabrics Nancy from Dark Horse Farm Designs chose for her pretty ponies and I’m sure these would work great as both a beloved toy and a lovely decoration.

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Weekend in the Country – your Must Have Monday before the weekend even begins

Ah… we haven’t been on a getaway in over a year. I’m so excited! A dear friend has invited us to her mom’s in rural Washington. I’m anticipating bike rides, long walks, perhaps a picnic, loads of great food, lots of laughs, and maybe if I’m lucky a cat nap or two.



Whether you’re a regular gypsy or just a once a year vacationer, it won’t matter. Lobotomatics’ Baroque luggage has its own story to tell. Upcycled and beautifully painted, this bag is so authentic it makes my thumbs itch. Continue reading