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Booty from Wonderland

This past weekend was Crafty Wonderland. My friend Jody and I raced through before taking the kids to see a theatrical rendition of How I Became A Pirate. I love going to Crafty Wonderland although it does all become a bit overwhelming. So many great artists and lots of friends to say hi to.

I’ve been wanting to get some new art for our living room walls and I’m pleased to say I found two great prints. The first is by Row Boat Press and its called Unhappy Bunny. The girls love this one and since my living room walls are orange it goes really well. The second one is called Winter in the Parlor and is by a great new to me artist named Rachel Blumberg. She is a musician and painter and her work really reminds me of growing up in the South and all the wonderfully rustic musicians that abound throughout the area. I’ve been listening to a lot of Karen Elson lately and Rachel’s work seems to fit right in with that motif.

If you are local to Portland, or visiting, and you missed the show this weekend make sure you check out either Tender Loving Empire or the Crafty Wonderland Pop-Up Shop for lots of great local artists.