Summer Wardrobe Fresh From the Garden

While PZ and hubby did a bit of gardening, and I do mean just a bit since it was raining for most of the week, I managed to get in some sewing. I’m still building on the girls spring/summer wardrobes and was inspired to do some light cotton pants after getting a great deal on retro striped fabric from Knittin’ Kitten (it looks like what they make men’s dress shirts out of).

two pants for Q

two pants for Q

I think I’ll do some shorts next. I’ve never done shorts, but I figure, ya know, they’re just short pants, right!?! I’ll let you know how it comes out. *advice is always welcome! I have all these great dress pattern that I want to start making, but Q is crawling now and anything that hampers her movement is reason for complaint.


These fabrics I got from Bolt. I’m not sure who they are. I got them out of a bundle of fat quarters they were selling. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that if you buy 2 fat quarters of the same fabric, you get instant baby pants!!


This fabric I got like almost 2 yds for a dollar at Knittin’ Kitten. I love that place! I was afraid the 80’s pink stripes might be a tad garish for my “Victorian” – style baby, but I think it actually worked out okay, especially paired with the flowers.

PZ modeling her new "chicken" pants

PZ modeling her new "chicken" pants

I said run, so she did. Ha!

I said run, so she did. Ha!

Scoop pocket was a last minute adjustment.

Scoop pocket was a last minute adjustment.


Patio of the Daily Cafe

PZ loves her chicken pants. I let her pick the pocket fabric, Robert Kaufman, and electric blue thread. These were made out of some more retro fabric I scored at Knittin’ Kitten and the Chicken pockets I got from a fat quarter at Cool Cottons. Over all I think I spent less then $15 bucks for all 3 pairs. Not bad!

Is this a fairy circle?

Is this a fairy circle?

On a separate note, I did actually get a garden-y type picture this week. The girls and I walked to the park on Thursday during a somewhat sunny moment and I saw this really cool mushroom circle.


"Q likes it, Mama!"

And apparently this is what happens when Mama takes 10 minutes to hem a pair of pants and leaves the 3 yr old “in charge”. I’d just cleaned all those toys up, too! Have a good weekend! I’m planning to!!

3 responses to “Summer Wardrobe Fresh From the Garden

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  2. Those pants are cute, cute, cute! And so is the sweater, looks great together!

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