Thank You!

Whatever the occasion, sending a Thank You note shows class and doesn’t have to be as tedious and “because-you’re-supposed-to” as your Mom made it seem. Here are some great do it yourself note cards that will make both the sender and the receiver smile!

li’l magoolie‘s Flower Note Card

Jenny Fowler’s High Five Thanks

Jennifer Casa’s Something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial

Future Craft Collective‘s Stitched Kid’s Art Note Cards (via Craftzine)

make and takes’ Bloomin’ Handmade Greeting Cards

2 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Fun handmade card round up. Thanks for featuring make and takes!

  2. I like the flower note card :). It reminds me of my half finished sink mold that would create concrete sinks that look like plumerias. I’ll have to get back into that 🙂


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