Inspiration Wednesday – Clever Bill

I know I showed you guys yesterday all those great old book I scored, but I just had to share this one especially. I’m so inspired by children’s books, both the illustrations and the stories, and I thought perhaps this special book might inspire you guys, too.

This book, as you can see, is called Clever Bill and is written and illustrated by the great William Nicholson. It was originally printed in 1926, but this book is a reprinting from 1977.

It is a wonderfully humorous story about a little girl, Mary who gets a letter from her Aunt inviting her to come visit. In her haste, and desire to pack all of her favorite possessions, she forgets to pack Clever Bill.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the ending. Let’s just say its a quirky and happy ending.

I love that the story is written in cursive and the illustrations are out of this world good. Not to mention the fact that we’ve all been that girl trying to cram all of our treasured belongings into a bag only big enough to fit 2 dresses and a pair of shoes.

I’m going to have to search out another one of Nicholsons’ great books, The Pirate Twins next. BTW, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my latest blog crush – Vintage Kids’ Book My Kids Love.  If you like vintage kids books, this is one not to miss. I’m thinking of sharing more of my, I mean the girls‘, collection of vintage children’s book with you guys in the future. What are some of your favorites?

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