Ground Control



A couple of weeks ago, I offered to make a pair of the Jackie Clark “britches” for my daughter’s best friend E. His mom and I picked out the Robots – Printed Rockets- Baby Blue fabric from Free Spirit at Cool Cotton. This was my third pair of pants from the “bloomers and britches” pattern. My first pair of the britches, the difference being no ruffle on the bottom of the pant. I still think the crotch is too long on them, but they are super comfy and cute. This isn’t that great a picture, but the kids are starting to get savvy to what that box with the light is that Mama Emily holds up to her eye. The only way I could get him to pose was to give him PZ’s camera and let him take pictures of me taking pictures of him. Who doesn’t have a least one of those in their album? Tres artistic!

astronaut or photographer?

astronaut or photographer?

This post is all about the boys. End of March, our little buddy, K had his third birthday and he LOVES airplanes and rockets. I was able to use scraps from E’s pants for this rocket ship plushy. The rest of the fabric and stuffing were all recycled from an old pillow and other projects.

K's rocket ship

K's rocket ship

This one was definitely far from perfect. I should have cut the fins out as part of the body, but didn’t think about it until much too late. Now, as K’s mom pointed out, it looks a bit like a chicken from the back. Hey, it’s a two in one. Ha! When you are using recycled fabric you only get so many tries, but his mom made my day when she told me he’s slept with it every night since we gave it to him. Very cool!

I got the idea for this plushy from molly chicken’s love bird tutorial. Her pocket plushy is much better and I’ll probably use this tutorial for other projects in the future now that I’ve got one under my belt. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a cool rocket ship plushy tutorial, check out the long thread.

molly chicken love bird

molly chicken love bird

the long thread

the long thread

I still need to make K an astronaut to go in the rocket’s pocket. Keep me honest, people! Anyone have a cool pattern/tutorial for a fun rocket man? I’ve been thinking about using goody goody’s pint sized pocket pillow tutorial, only adapting it to a rocket man instead of a little boy/girl.

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