Park City Girl Quilt Showcase Pt.1

Amy from Park City Girl hosted her online Fall Quilt Festival last month and got over 600 entries! So far I’ve looked at 228 and these are some of my favorites.


Kathy  from Magnolia Designs’ baby quilt for Lawson. 


Janet from On the Road with Janet‘s quilt for her newest grandbaby. 

fancy that quiltNikki from Fancy That Quilt‘s picnic quilt. 

cluckclucksewquiltAnother great quilt by Allison from Cluck. Cluck. Sew.

hyacinthforthesoulquiltA great quilt and a great story from Hyacinth for the Soul.

3sistersofgracequiltSisterlylove’s gorgeous gift to her niece.

saltmarshquiltAimee of Salt Marsh Design’s first big free motion quilt

benandcaseybabyquiltCasey’s first quilt for her baby girl made out of vintage sheets. 

obsessivelystitchingquiltObsessively Stitching’s baby quilt. 

mermaidquiltFree Falling’s mermaid quilt. You have to check out the detail work on this thing. It’s gorgeous!!

makingtheseamquiltKarin from Making the Seam‘s quilt. So cute!

comeandseetheseitzquiltSarah from Come and See the Seitz’s Baby Boy Quilt.

acardadayquiltNova from A Card a Day‘s quilt she made for her nephew Oban.  

sarasscrapsquiltSara’s “Sun” quilt from Sara’s Scraps. 

unexpectedmermaidMeguey’s Unexpected Mermaid quilt posted on her blog, Ruminations and Fabrications.

Check back for more fabulous quiltyness as I continue looking through the massive list. I’ve also got my own little quilty project started. Here’s a sneak peak.

first log cabin square

Its my first log cabin square ever. I used this tutorial from equilter. (you can also find it in my sidebar under “how to make a log cabin quilt block”) I’m toying with the crazy idea of making a quilt and entering into the Lark’s Book Quilt It! Contest. I’ve already got birds and some recycled fabrics. I could add some silver fabrics or thread and I’d be golden. We’ll see what I can accomplish with all the holiday sewing I’ve got to tackle. Wish me luck!!


7 responses to “Park City Girl Quilt Showcase Pt.1

  1. Thanks for the nice comments on my quilt! I’m honored to be included in your list of favorites!

  2. Thanks so much for the love! It has been fun to see all of the different types of quilts and the love and skill that goes into them. Thank you for featuring my quilt, such an honor!


  3. Hi there, wow, thanks for including my picnic quilt! Great compilation you have here 🙂

  4. I enjoyed looking at these quilts again. The fall festival was great fun for me… many fabulous quilts and ideas. Thank you for selecting my bow tie quilt as one of your favorites. This post has me going back to visit more of these amazing quilts. Like you, I’ve only made my way through a couple of hundred. I need another rainy day with nothing to do. LOL Thanks again. Have a great week. ~ Sarah

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my quilt! I am so honored to be among all those other amazing quilts!!!
    Oh and I LOVE your log cabin square. So cute!

    (Three Spinsters Blog)

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