Get Outta Here and Go Outside!

A little nervous about summer time and having the kiddos home ALL the time? I’m with ya. But I’ve done a little research and there are plenty of things to make and do to keep the whole family entertained and happy through those months where you are the only teacher.

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My daughter’s preschool has been on break for the last two weeks and the weather here in Portland is starting to get nice. We’ve been getting out – to the park, push biking, nature walks and bubble journeys. It is making me long for those warm summer days that will be here soon. These bubble blowers from Thyme2dream are so cool and would get tons of use on our journeys. Little timeless heirlooms that any kid would find magical. I’m sure they could double as wands or scepters. A great toy to get those young imaginations working.

Looking for a good homemade bubble recipe? Check out Casey Carle’s “Secret” Bubble Solution!



What a neat way to teach kids about nature and recycling all at the same time. Fat Tabby Woolens‘ bird nest building kit will keep the kids outside as they watch a real life home decorating show. This project provides a great opportunity for journaling, too. Now I know what to do with all my fabric and winter knit scraps!

Need more information about bird watching with kids? Check out this Big Learning’s extensive resources!



Welcome 2 Our World custom makes hula hoops for kids of all ages. Plus, $10 from each hula hoop sale goes to support the KIVA organization! Hula hoops are one of those classic toys that are great for expending excess energy and also encouraging imaginative play. Hey, if you’re lucky these will be the only hoops you’ll have to jump through during your day.

Need some hula hooping how to?



Such a fun idea. Blynken & Nod has created a great outdoor scavenger hunt that even small kids can participate in. This set of 32 illustrated and printed cards comes in its own drawstring pouch and is a lovely way to rediscover a favorite park or revitalize the everyday walk around the block. Get the neighborhood kids involved and make a playdate out of it!



I love these boats. Such gorgeous craftsmanship and I’m not just saying that because Friendly Fairies is an Oregon artist. 🙂 This would be a terrific toy to play with in the pool or bathtub and with proper care should last from generation to generation.

Make it!


The Sew, Mama, Sew! blog features Meg from Boutique NutMeg Designs‘ child’s tent tutorial. Learn how to make a great fabric tent for hours of inside/outside imaginative play.


Mr. McGroovy’s cardboard pirate ship plans and box rivet set would be a super cool addition to this summer’s backyard fun. Blimey! You’re not into pirates? No problem. Choose from 14 different cardboard play vehicles and buildings – everything from castles and barns to princess carriages and spaceships. I want one!

Let’s go fly a kite! Stephanie tells us how to make our own kites this summer on her Ordinary Life Magic blog. This blog is full of fun craft projects and interesting ideas, but this is one of my favorites.


I’m totally making one of these! How cool is the bean bag toss and juggling bags family project from Future Craft Collective‘s blog! One of many good ideas and family building projects, the bean bag toss would be something the whole family could make and play together. So much fun.


Need a collection box for all your cool finds? Make your own like Stacey Mae did on Kids Stuff World!

The Handmade Experiment continues and hopefully this will have not only eased your worried minds, but also started those creative wheels a-turning. Get outta here and go outside!

8 responses to “Get Outta Here and Go Outside!

  1. Thanks for the mention! We are cooking up lots more cool stuff to help families find ways to pleasantly wile away their time together this summer.

    Future Craft Collective
    Austin, TX

  2. Thanks for including Jeff’s Boat! If you want to visit the boats in person, Jeff will be at the Portland Waldorf School May Faire this Saturday (May 2) it’s in Millwaukie Oregon, and I will be at the Childrens Fairy Festival at Alpenrose Dairy on SW Shattuck Road with boats and fairies. Please come visit, we love new friends!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      I think we’re going to be at the Fairy Festival, so perhaps we’ll see each other then. Thanks Jennifer!

  3. What COOL outdoor activities! I already have the bird nest kit (cause I made it ;), but otherwise from top to bottom are things I want to make, use, or get! Jennifer your boats are exquisite. Thanks Emily!


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  5. Thanks for all the great tips and fabulous ideas. You’ve inspired me to try to make the tent with the boys!

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