KCWC – Day 5

I was having such a hard time getting Quinby to wear the dresses I made on Day 3. All she wants to wear are princess dresses, so I caved. I saw this dress (for over $100) and thought it was lovely without being over the top.

This is my rendition – Understated Princess.

It was pretty simple to make. Two tubes, a bit of shirring,  and some pleated sleeves. The sleeves are a periwinkle blue linen, the skirt is a moon fabric that I got many moons ago for Quinby and couldn’t figure out what to make with it, and the top is a scrap of pink and gray polka dot I found in my scrap box. I used silver and pewter colored thread.

I REALLY loved how she put it on and cooed, “I’m a princess!”, as she twirled.

Of course, she still pulled it off and dumped it on the floor 10 minutes later in favor of some polyester ruffly dress we got at the resale shop. Drat!

If you missed any of the days in my challenge, check out days 1,2,3, and 4 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

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